Fleen Doran, Micki Schloessingk's apprentice

Micki Schloessingk and Adopt a Potter's second apprentice Fleen Doran

Miki Schloessingk
Writes about what its like having an Adopt A Potter Aprentice

A few words about what its like having an apprentice. Its working out really well, better than I could have imagined. I have in the past had a number of young potters working here, often at the stage in their careers where they have a lot of experience but are not quite ready to set up on their own. Many have been good experiences but quite different to this one.

Agreeing to take Fleen Doran on, as an apprentice for a year and knowing that she has funding for that year has meant that both of us have been able to make a real commitment. I can plan ahead, know that I can rely on Fleen for assistance but also work out a programme which will introduce her to the "whole". She is now a dab hand with the axe! Getting experience of a number of firings gives Fleen a real idea about what is involved in wood firing and salt glazing. We share a passion for testing and learning.
Potting here at Bridge involves developing many different skills. We are part of a small rural community so together have explored ways of opening up the studio encouraging people into the gallery and organising courses.

It is very important to me to support Fleen in finding ways to become viable. She now runs a successful evening class here and is highly praised for the warmth and clarity of her teaching. So we have fun together, work hard and keep having ideas. We remember to bring joy into our potting. Working together with the support of Adopt a Potter has worked really well for us and I would encourage others to consider taking this path.