Our Aims

Our main aims:

  • to secure the future of studio pottery by funding apprenticeships, enabling students to work alongside master potters and embark on useful career paths
  • to raise funds for up to 3 new apprentices per annum
  • to encourage professional potters to support the scheme
  • to engage with colleges and universities to reach potential apprentices

What we provide:

  • a stipend of £5,000 per year paid monthly to the apprentice to include three weeks paid holiday taken on a pro rata basis over the full year

What we expect:

  • a high degree of commitment and competence from apprentices to ensure they make a realistic contribution to the host potter
  • a high degree of commitment from the host potter to ensure the apprentice benefits from the opportunity
  • the apprentice will learn from direct teaching, but also from observation of good practice from the professional host potter
  • the apprentices will learn and develop the necessary skills required to establish their own careers and businesses
  • the apprentice will assist the Trust at exhibitions where ever possible
  • the apprentice will provide the Trust with up to 25 mugs or similar during the course of the apprenticeship to be sold at exhibitions to contribute towards funding