An apprentice is expected to approach a host potter and gain agreement to the partnership, and then make the application. The Trust cannot assist with this, but listed below are potters and students who are interested in forming a partnership.

Host Potters

Richard Wilson Ceramics
West Bay, Bridport, Dorset
Tel. 01308 455656

Apprentices seeking Host Potters


Boadie Stutt
Laura Murphy   Website:
Katerina Sedlackova
Jayne Cunliffe

If you have successfully identified someone with whom to apply, and wish your details to be removed from this page, please contact us via the Contact page

Pottery Apprentices wanted

The Camelia Botnar Foundation has vacancies for pottery apprentices. They are a charity providing vocational training for young people (16 - 21 years) from disadvantaged backgrounds in various disciplines including production pottery. More information and an appliction form can be found on the website, or you can contact Jeremy Sharp, the pottery manager, on 01403 864556 ext.4