Pasha Manzarolli

The award to Jonathan Chiswell-Jones and Pasha Manzarolli has been spread over a two year period. Pasha joined Jonathan at his JCJ Pottery (JCJ Pottery) in East Susssex from school this year, and as she is starting from scratch, it was felt sensible to take this approach. Jonathan feels that Pasha has already shown great aptitude for clay, so her progress will be fascinating to watch.

I am very grateful for the Adopt a Potter scheme and I find the grant very useful indeed. It has made the difference between surviving and not. I was also very pleased to be awarded a place on the scheme, It was most encouraging to know that other potters are keen to help us getting started.

I consider myself very fortunate to be working with Jonathan, and to be learning from him how he produces such very beautiful pots. I love the lustre ware and I find the technical processes involved fascinating. I have watched firings and seen how precisely the temperature and gas composition have to be controlled to get exactly the right conditions. I enjoy the scientific side of potting, making glazes and pigments to exactly the right proportions and seeing how test firings and pots come out. My throwing has really improved, and I was able to take twenty five mugs in Jonathan's style to the Adopt a Potter stand at the Art and Clay show in Hatfield this year. I am now also learning the brushwork of Jonathan's designs, and can now paint dragonflies and Carp which are two of the five designs which Jonathan uses for his domestic ware. I am enjoying this very much and actually find it quite therapeutic.

I am developing my own designs, starting with boxing Hares. Kerry Bosworth is Jonathan's long term assistant, and she does most of the throwing. I'm amazed how accurately and efficiently she makes all the pots needed. I hope that eventually I will be able to throw as well as she can. In the last year I have experienced all aspects of what it means to be a potter and run a pottery, and I have found it all enjoyable and interesting and I am looking forward to another year, and I would like to thank all the people at Adopt a Potter for their help.