Tamsin Arrowsmith-Brown

I am delighted to have been awarded the Adopt-A-Potter grant for an apprenticeship year with ceramacist Helen Beard. I am passionate about art and craft and in particular, pottery. I am fascinated by the combination of usefulness and the aesthetic nature of ceramic vessels. Beautiful pottery compels you to pick it up, turn it over in your hands and use it.
I am keen to study all the making processes, from the different throwing techniques, through to glaze and methods of decoration. I'm particularly interested in the relationship between the form of the pot and the surface decoration. As a potter and illustrator, Helen is the perfect person to learn from - I like the clean lightness of her forms and the immediacy of her illustrations.
With the opportunity to work five days a week in the studio, I am looking forward to seeing all the ins and outs of running a business making studio pottery.
I am very excited to learn as much as possible in the year ahead.